Saturday, December 13, 2008

3Day EXPO Bake Sale

These are cakes I made for a bake sale to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3Day.The theme was War on Cancer. So I did a pink camo ribbon cake.

This is a cupcake cake. I thought I would make a cake for the kids that were there. A woman bought it for her daughter's preschool graduation.

We raised $70 just on these cakes!

Maddie's 7th party

She had a Hannah Montana party. MT are her initials.

We had to make two cakes so she wanted a microphone to go with the guitar. I put BLING on it with edible glitter.

Hope's 7th party

My daughter's birthday cake. Each girl is put together piece by piece and she decided how each one should look. :) The cake is three layers.

Maddie's softball party

My daughter's best friend plays softball for the Incredibles in Flower Mound. This is the cake for the end of season party for Fall 2008.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kindergarten Grad Cakes

These cakes were for my daughter's kindergarten graduation party. The dark hair cake is chocolate, the red hair cake is strawberry, and the blonde hair is vanilla.

Jessica's Birthday

These cakes were a surprise for my cousin's birthday. She knew I was making the cake, but did not know what they were. She is big into purses and loves the green and blue colors.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Frog and Dog Cakes

I made these cakes for a friend's niece's birthday. The niece is having a Littlest Pet Shop birthday. I used the Pampered Chef glass mixing bowl for the cake. To make the frog legs, I used fondant covered marshmellows. The eyes and lips are made from fondant.

I used fondate for the eyes, nose, and tongue. For the ears, I covered the fondant with the icing. I dyed spaghetti black for the whiskers. And the paws are from the left over cake when I leveled the bottom of the cake.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brian's smoker 2008

My friend, that I met doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day, built his own smoker with a rotisserie and 13 thermometors. He has an annual BBQ at his house, so this year I came up with this cake. It is made with 4 - 8" cakes plus a couple of cupcakes trimmed down. Then I used fondant to make the glove, rag, handles, rack, and steaks.

School bank 2008

My daughter's school has an agreement with WaMu to set up savings accounts for all the students that want one. The fifth graders run the bank on Fridays during school. I help the mom in charge. We decided to have a party at the end of the year. So I took a picture of the bank at school and tried to duplicate it.

Decorating Class 2008

I was taking this class while my daughter was at school, so most of the cakes went to the teachers. When we had to do a character cake, I chose do to a teacher holding a ruler in our school colors.

This clown cake was fun to do. I really like the one eating his way out of the cake. We also practiced the edging.
Here we practiced making rosebuds, roses, and drop flowers with leaves. the texture on the cake was made with a paper towel.

Softball party 2008

My daughter's best friend is on a softball team. Her parents are the coaches and asked me to make the cakes for the end of the season. Since one cake was not enough to feed everyone, I made ball cupcakes for each girl on the team. Their names and numbers are on the balls.

Daisy's birthday cake 2008

This cake was so easy and fun to make (Wilton Yearbook). Daisy is my daughter's friend from dance class. I used fondant for the balloons.

Dorina's birthday cake

Dorina is a friend from gymnastics. Her mom knew I decorate cakes and asked if I could make this one (from the Wilton Yearbook). I was very excited, but nervous because I had not done much with fondant before. There are a few things that did not turn out as well as I wanted them too, but the girls all loved it. And it was pretty easy.

Easter 2008

I saw a easter basket cake at my favorite cake shop, You Take The Cake. So I decided I had to try to make one. I had a little problem with the fondant again, but I like it. The handle is fondant covered sugar cookie.