Friday, June 26, 2009


Another end of the season softball cake. My friend has me come up with a different cake each season for her daughter's softball team. This season the team was the City Champ for their level. The cakes are french vanilla and chocolate with buttercream icing. The bat's texture was made using gel coloring and a toothpick. I craved the glove using my hand as a guide. Then I made a hole for the ball cupcake.

Nemo and the Beach

This cake was made out of buttercream icing, teddy grahams, lifesavers gummies, pretzels, and fruit rollups. And yes you see a can of store brought icing. However, that was bought before I starting making my own chocolate buttercream. (Which is SOOO much better than the store bought)

For this cake, I used a 9x13 pan and carved Nemo. I used the cover of the movie as a template for the decorations.